Thanks to the internet, today’s consumers have access to an almost unlimited variety of businesses at their fingertips. Your aim as a company is to create a competitive edge that means that whenever a customer thinks of a particular product or service, your name is the one that comes to mind first. Easier said than done, right? It’s why developing a positive brand identity is so important. 
Since the pandemic, web users have become even more savvy about seeking out the most useful, informative and engaging digital posts out there, including longer-form content such as blogs. As well as being able to showcase what you do as a business, your blog can also be used to boost your company’s image, improve your credibility and strengthen your online presence. Here’s how… 

1. Tell Your Story 

The narrative of how your organisation began and how it has developed is a Unique Selling Point that money can’t buy, so make the most of it. Use every blog post as an opportunity to return to the history, values and goals that have kept your company going. Remember, customers are looking for brands they can trust, so by showing your human side, you can build familiarity and confidence. 
Choose topics of interest to both your business and your customers using language and images that reflect your brand image. Finding an appropriate voice takes time, so work on developing a style guide to use across all your online profiles as part of your continuing digital marketing strategy. 
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2. Start a Conversation 

Conversational media marketing is big news for a good reason. Consumers are smart and can see through obvious attempts at coercion and standard sales tactics. They want businesses they can get to know and come to rely on, which can be achieved through creating dialogue and communities. 
Shared values are an integral part of building your business credibility, so whatever subject you’re blogging about, make sure it represents your company beliefs. Issues such as inclusivity, accessibility and environmental awareness are increasingly important to customers and can be useful to include. Research your topics well and use suitable keywords to maximise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

3. Keep it Consistent 

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Just as with any relationship, you can only hope to maintain your engagement with your audience if you speak to them on a regular basis. Avoid sporadic posts at random intervals and stick to your style guide, otherwise you risk confusing customers and losing their trust. It helps to create a schedule for your blog posts and delegate team members, time and resources to the task. 
Another way of ensuring your blog contributes to building your brand is to call on the services of a professional digital marketing agency. Our team of copywriters at Artus Digital Marketing are experienced bloggers – we understand how to portray your personality and engage your target audience in every post. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support your business. 
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