At Artus we talk a lot among ourselves and with our clients about the content creation process - we are human after all. 
Recently, the focus of our conversations has been on the tech world and the ability of artificial intelligence to write or - perhaps more accurately - create written content. 

Writing Challenge 

Any discussions that feature copywriting and the huge value of the human touch, are not some kneejerk reactions to a threatening writing challenge. 
Instead, they take place to highlight and reinforce the skills and creativity that we know that copywriters – people not software - can bring to the writing table. 

Relationship Building 

For a start, it’s about relationships. We are not writing content about your business in the abstract or based some previously written content featuring the same line of business. 
We write for you from a position of knowledge. We’ve made it our job to find out about you and the tone and style of the words that represent your business. 
We write blogs that match web pages that match social media content – seamless. 
And during the course of getting to know you, we hope that you too have enjoyed getting to know us as humans and gained the confidence that Artus can do the job you want us to do. 

Spelling and Grammar 

Then it’s about the language. And we don’t just mean spelling and grammar, although having said that, it’s absolutely vital they’re correct as managing perceptions is everything. 
The value of the human touch is that the content will have structure, nuance and an understanding of how words work and their meaning and impact in a certain context. 

Search Engines 

Before it gets pointed out that the irony is that the words humans write are rated by an algorithm, we say there’s nothing wrong with that - we just know humans do it better than AI. 
Ask Google and they’ll tell you to create “people-first content” – content that is written to create a range of positive sentiments in the mind of the reader. You can read our recent blog about that very subject. 
Google also has something to say about AI although not so much about creating content but more about whether or not the blog owner publishes an acknowledgement that AI was used in its creation. 
That raises a whole new set of issues about content trust and appreciation and perhaps we come back round again to the subject of perception management. 
Even with the advent of GPT-4, it is still too early to say how much of an in-road AI will make into the creation of copy in the future and to what extent content created in this way would be greeted by clients. We're closely monitoring developments, and will continue to share our professional feedback on the subject. 
No matter what the future holds for AI generated content, we believe strongly in the value of the human touch and what it means for the quality of the copywriting and the relationship with clients too. 

Contact Us 

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