Despite the challenges of the past twelve months, there has never been a better time to bond with your audience, boost your brand identity, and bolster your business for the long-term. 
With the online marketplace stronger than ever, companies are learning to listen to their customers and respond to their needs more quickly, effectively, and creatively. The businesses that will boom in 2022 will be those that learn from the past and take heed of current top trends – here’s how. 

What Did We Learn in 2021? 

Alongside hand washing and mask wearing, another key experience of the pandemic was staying at home. Our work and private lives blurred, everyday activities became digitalised, and the way we sought information was entirely online, significantly shifting the user experience
For companies that did take advantage, innovative, engaging, and communicative copy ensured they stayed connected with existing customers and gained new ones. While social media became more about saying hello than selling products, informative articles and blogs also rose in popularity. 
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What Are Businesses Doing Differently? 

Needless to say, improving your online presence became vital for survival. Thankfully, many of the lessons taken from lockdown will stand digital marketing plans in good stead for 2022, too. Quality, frequency, and interactivity have all become key components of successful strategies. 
When it comes to online presence, businesses need to think in terms of increasing traffic, raising conversation rates, and developing brand visibility. Websites, blogs, and social media sites should be prioritised equally and updated with strong, audience-focused content on a regular basis. 
Longer-form content also finally found the attention it deserves. Blogs posts and articles showing expertise, authenticity, and trustworthiness (referred to as E.A.T.) are ranked higher by Google and receive greater traffic. The more niche and current the topic, the more likely readers will find it

What’s Next for 2022? 

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While we can never predict the future, the past year has proven that digital marketing is in its prime, offering businesses a variety of techniques to reach and engage with their target audience. That said, there are some new developments it’s worth being aware of in 2022. 
The main concern for many companies will be Google’s decision to end cookies this year. For digital marketers, it will mean having to find new ways to source vital audience statistics. One option is zero-party data, which is given directly and with consent by consumers. A simple survey will not only find out useful information but will also show your business values the opinions of its customers. 
It seems to go without saying that quality content is important, but it can be an ongoing battle to produce inspiring copy on a consistent basis. For companies wanting to make a real impact in 2022, calling on the services of an experienced digital marketing company can be hugely beneficial. 
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