As an English Literature student, there is often the looming question of where the degree will take you. At the beginning of my second year of university, I found myself asking this exact question as the pressure of finding a placement began to take its toll. 
Growing up, I always gravitated towards creative subjects such as writing and art-based courses. So, when faced with the challenge of finding a placement related to English Literature, there was a lot of strain on securing a role suited to me. 
Admittedly, when I began the application process in November 2022, I didn’t have a specific field of work in mind. From human resources to journalism, I found myself applying to a variety of placements. While these opportunities sounded great and presented their applicants with numerous employee benefits, they didn’t offer me what I was looking for - creative freedom. 

Finding the Right Role for Me 

Having spent months applying to different placements up and down the country, I felt as though my CV was becoming lost within a pile of applications. However, upon speaking with coursemates with similar creative flair, I found myself researching copywriting and digital marketing. The role was a perfect mix of my interests and was something that I could see myself pursuing. 
After expressing my interest in copywriting and digital marketing in a LinkedIn post, a man called Zach Greaves, founder of Artus Digital Marketing, reached out to me to discuss a potential opportunity of spending my year in industry with Artus. After a few phone calls and emails, Zach asked me to join the Artus team as a Trainee Copywriter and Digital Marketing Executive. 

My Experience at Artus 

I am now 10 months into my placement and as imagined, I have gained a plethora of valuable knowledge and experience throughout my time at Artus. From proofreading work to attending different events and networking opportunities, my time on placement has been a healthy mix of excitement and professional development. 
The team at Artus work primarily from home. However, thanks to regular Google Meets and organised co-working days, we can come together regularly and spend valuable time as a team discussing projects to stay connected. 
Remote working was something which I had previous experience with, my final year of college and first year of university being amid the height of the pandemic, making it a great chance to work on the skills I had already developed during lockdown. 

The Key Skills of a Copywriter 

Time Management 

Having previously worked shifts in hospitality while balancing education, moving into the world of full-time work was a completely new concept to me. From just a few months in my new role, I discovered distinct differences between the routine of daily 9-5 and my previous scattered timetable of lectures and seminars. 
When working in a remote setup, I quickly realised that it is easy to find distractions. However, by implementing a routine and alternating between work environments, such as work cafes or simply a different room in the house, it is easy to stay focused on the task at hand. 
Whether working from home or attending a co-working day in Leeds, the way I spend my time is detrimental to the outcome of my work. Not only is time management important for punctuality, but it is also essential for the persistent turnaround of work and submissions. 

Writing Skills  

As English Literature students, it is no secret that many of us believe that our writing is near perfect. However, the last year has proven to be a huge learning curve in terms of my writing style and structure. 
Writing for a blog in comparison to an academic essay is different both in terms of language and sentence structure. From learning about the importance of keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO) to keeping the sentence length short and punchy, the skills I initially thought were only useful for blog writing have turned out to be transferable. 

Editing and Proofreading 

During my time at Artus, we have introduced ‘Peer Reviewing’ as a part of our submission process. Proofreading and editing are integral parts of any writing process, allowing us as a team to maximise the quality of our work. 
By spending dedicated time proofing others' work and editing any accidental errors, I have been able also to use these skills in my own work, ensuring that each submission is a true reflection of my growth as a writer. 


On a more personal note, my time at Artus has allowed my confidence to excel. 
The support network that is available within the Artus team has allowed me to make significant personal improvements, from how I write and submit my work to how I present myself at meetings and events. Having spent a lot of time in the past worrying about entering a professional workplace, this year has presented me with continuous opportunities for personal growth. 
As I approach the end of my time as a placement student, I have taken on the role and responsibilities with confidence and conviction, adopting skills which will benefit me greatly in the future. 

Moving Forward Into the Future 

From my first week of placement in June 2022 to the final months of my experience, the Artus team have been nothing but welcoming and helpful throughout the entire process. Thanks to weekly catch-ups and mentoring meetings, I have been able to fully throw myself into the process with no concerns about being left behind. 
Working for a small, upcoming business like Artus has provided me with an experience like no other. Not only have I felt valued as a member of the team, but I also felt immediately at home, this being a feeling unique to the company. From the beginning, I was involved in all aspects of the business, from client meetings to producing content, making the experience like no other. 
Looking into the future of finishing my degree and moving into the world of work, I am left feeling confident and excited to take the skills I have learned over the last 12 months into my post-graduate life. I feel extremely lucky to have had this experience and would like to say a massive thank you to the whole team for all their support and encouragement - it is an experience I will never forget. 
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