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During the long days of lockdown, websites went from useful to indispensable, becoming our main sources of information, communication, shopping, and entertainment. We needed to be able to find the most suitable solutions quickly and easily, requiring businesses to step up their online game. 
With so much uncertainty, consumers also became more aware of which companies they connected with. Brand loyalty became even bigger business with issues such as sustainability taking precedent over prices or even Google rankings, further shifting the way companies marketed themselves. 
So, what do businesses now need to prioritise in 2022 and beyond? Having worked with companies from all sectors prior to and during the past two years, our expert wordsmiths have come up with three key ways to ensure your digital marketing strategy succeeds in the ‘new normal’ world. 

Know Your Audience 

Most companies have a clear idea of their target audience, but how many have revised and updated that profile during and since the pandemic? Using a broad or generalised outline in the hope of appealing to a wider audience often proves to be counterproductive; instead, being specific about who your products or services are suitable for will help to attract and secure the right interest. 
Rather than focusing on demographics, post-Covid target audience alignment should instead centre on values. What do your customers care about and how are the same concerns considered by your company? Your website and social media platforms are the places to demonstrate your beliefs. 
Also, don’t assume that your latest research will be relevant for the long-term. As we have already seen, changes both locally and globally can have a huge impact on buyer culture and consumption. Make target audience analysis and improvement a central part of your ongoing marketing strategy. 
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Find Your Community 

As target audience profiles become more specific, identifying and engaging with communities has also become fundamental to successful digital marketing in the post-pandemic age. Consumers are now looking for more than products and services – they want connections and experiences, too. 
Social media has had a crucial role to play in forging and maintaining online communities, which businesses can tap into. During lockdown, online networks grew hugely in popularity with a reported 98% of people having experienced a positive sense of belonging from being a part of a group. 
While the digital world has created a global market, the pandemic has also led to more localised links and consumers actively seeking companies closer to home. As location-specific searches on Google continue to rise, businesses should consider how best to connect with local customers. 

Promote Your Values 

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Have a look at your website home page or your latest social media post. What was the focus? If you answered products or services, then you might want to update your marketing techniques. While showing what you sell seems obvious, audiences are more likely to be engaged by a memorable brand than by something they may have easily seen elsewhere. So how do you stand out from your competitors after Covid-19? By showcasing your identity, including your values and personal story. 
In the world of digital marketing, you’ll often hear experts championing the power of storytelling for businesses, but what does this mean in practice? Essentially, every company is unique because of their personal story. Their origins, their journey, their team, and their values are just as important to consumers as products or services, and can help to build visibility, engagement, and trust. 
Implementing the Google E-A-T strategy can be a useful approach to injecting personality into your online posts; just keep in mind Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These values are equally as beneficial to consumers as they are to search engines, so try to create content that demonstrates your sector knowledge and provides answers to your customers’ main queries. 

Planning for the Future 

As we approach the anniversary of the first UK lockdown, it’s all too easy to consider how life has changed. But when it comes to business, the pandemic has provided an opportunity to analyse, evaluate, and improve on marketing methods to find more creative ways to engage with audiences. For support with your digital marketing, get in touch with our team
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