January is the ideal time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous twelve months and start building a strategy for the future. We’re now cultivating bigger, better and bolder online strategies that promote brands and engage with audiences in more creative ways. 
So where do we go from here if we want to boost our digital presence during 2021? 

What Should My Current Digital Presence Look Like? 

Let's start with the basics and think about what your company should already be doing. 
1) Do you have a website along with at least one social media profile, both regularly updated? 
2) Do you use web content that meets with current search engine optimisation (SEO) criteria? 
3) Do you include digital activity as part of your wider marketing strategy with its own budget? 
4) Is time set aside weekly (if not daily) to tracking, managing and improving your digital presence? 
Put a cross against any of these points and you already know what to immediately prioritise. These factors are fundamental to establishing not only your business online but your brand as a whole. If your customers struggle to find or communicate with you online then they will look elsewhere. 

What Can I Do Next to Boost my Digital Presence? 

For those of you who are already achieving the essentials, the next twelve months will be a combination of clever content and careful planning. Here are four ways Artus Digital Marketing will be helping businesses boost their digital presence that you can try, too. 

1) Re-research Your Target Audience 

Think you know your market well? You may have had a clear idea when you first set up the business, but this can quickly change, along with how customers use your products or services. Online surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms are quick, easy and cheap to create. Take the time to analyse them in detail and use this valuable data to make amendments to your digital output. 

2) Embrace New Channels 

One outcome of your research might be information on which social media channels your customers use. If they're frequently responding to videos on Instagram, for example, then it makes sense to set up an account and create video content there. Look at your competitors’ accounts and which posts receive the most engagement, then get creative with your own content to make it stand out. 

3) Get Interactive 

If you're struggling to create inspiring content, think about making it interactive. Customers rarely go online simply to read; they want to take part in conversations and feel involved in communities. From posing questions and making quizzes to live Q&As and how-to videos, content can be as simple or elaborate as you choose so long as it offers an element of engagement. 

4) Content Marketing vs. Advertising 

Taking your target audience from discovery to purchase point can be a complex journey. While digital advertising is certainly beneficial, content marketing is becoming even more effective. It's no longer about instant sales but building awareness and trust. Specialist articles, industry updates and informative blogs help foster longer-term links with customers and improve search engine rankings. 
While 2020 may have brought more problems than positives, it has undoubtedly given businesses the chance to embrace the benefits of being online. We can now reach out to customers, colleagues and competitors to build active and engaged communities in which we all can flourish. 
Be brave with your bright ideas and embrace the potential to grow your digital presence even further this year. Need support with your online marketing? Get in touch – we’d love to help. 
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