Every business has a story to tell. No matter what industry you work in, where you are based, or who your audience is, your history and vision are unique. But how can you make the most of them to enhance the credibility of your company? The answer is simple – simply boost your blogging skills. 
Over the past few years, blogs have become a vital part of not only digital visibility but of wider long-term marketing strategies too. They can help to expand your customer service by providing regular information and updates, which in turn help identify your business as a source of sector expertise, as well as helping to increase brand awareness, encourage conversations, and gain loyal customers. 

How to Improve Your Blog Credibility 

As a business, the key advantage you have over the billions of other blogs is your sector insight. No matter which industry you work in, your audience will always want to know more, and this is the knowledge you should be demonstrating clearly, confidently, and frequently in your online content. 
Many people rely on Google to source products and services, so understanding the Google ranking system and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can go a long way towards making your blogs more visible and more effective. Use content and links that show your ‘expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness’ (E-A-T), which are what Google look for when deciding the value of a website. 
Other helpful hints for blog content include using real world examples to support your information, particularly if you can find reliable statistics and expert sources to add further impetus. Check Google for existing high-ranking blogs and articles that you can link to and use your own images or infographics to draw the reader’s attention (which can also be repurposed for social media). 

Using Blogs to Increase Conversion Rates 

Blogs are beneficial to your entire website, helping to keep the content fresh and providing a reason for visitors to return regularly. Monitoring the traffic to your blog posts and conversion rates can help you to improve your content, with plenty of tools such as Google Analytics available. 
When checking your data, look for blog posts that have high traffic but are low performing – this is generally the best way to get the clearest picture of conversion rates. Make alterations and monitor the results on a regular basis but be aware that small changes can take a long time to take effect. 

Blogging as a Long-Term Marketing Strategy 

Improving your credibility takes time, which is why it is essential to include blogging and content marketing as part of your wider long-term marketing strategy. Research has proven that written digital sources drive website engagement and can help to grow conversions. Quality is critical, so try to make sure every blog includes statistics, sources, and sector expertise. 
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