Investing in digital has been unavoidable during the pandemic. For companies who’ve clearly identified their target audience and found ways to create and share innovative content, their time has been rewarded. But for others, the pressure to improve their digital marketing strategy and build their brand visibility has only intensified
As online usage rises, consumers become ever savvier and more specific about their preferred content. Google’s E-A-T credentials (valuing expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) are now the priority for effective copy, but when resources are increasingly stretched, many businesses have resorted to quantity over quality
The answer? Make your new digital marketing mantra ‘less is more’. 

The Minimal Approach to Marketing 

What makes a strong brand and memorable marketing campaign? Is it the number of social media platforms a company uses? Is it how many posts they publish each day? Or is it something more complex than that? The point is your content is worthless if it fails to reach your target audience. 
Imagine if we tried to communicate in real life the way we do online. Businesses shouting about their latest products or services alongside customers calling out their needs and desires. But how often would a company and a consumer find one another and begin a meaningful conversation? 
Successful digital marketing is about effective communication, which is why spending more time creating better content can be more advantageous than repetitive posts across several channels. Keeping it simple can also create consistency, particularly across your social media platforms, which in turn helps to develop a stronger brand image. 
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Paring Back on Digital Posts 

Another advantage of quality copy is its longevity. Create something that taps into a key concern for your customers and they’ll be more likely to connect with, share, and revisit your future content. Blogging is ideal for this – not only can you come up with E-A-T worthy, longer form text, but you can also take advantage of SEO tactics and repurpose the content across your other channels. 
When you see the volume and regularity of content across social media, it can be easy to assume that more posts means more visibility. But when it comes to engaging with your target audience and encouraging them to fulfil a call to action, it pays to be focused and selective
As well as cutting content, it’s worthwhile considering if your platforms suit your business and are used by your audience. A highly visual company with a younger target audience would be best placed on Instagram or TikTok, while B2B marketing is likely to be more successful on sites such as LinkedIn. 

Finding a Way with Words that Works 

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At Artus Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering value to our clients. Whether it’s a business blog or website update, social media posts or paid advertising, we can provide the knowledge, creativity, and quality to ensure your content works. 
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