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Since starting as an intern with Artus in June, attending networking and summit events have been a completely new experience for me. The summit, which was hosted by We Are Umi gave me a great insight into the realm of digital marketing and how all kinds of companies can benefit from it. 
Throughout the day, there were numerous different talks with topics ranging from content creation for social media, to search engine optimisation. Bradley Jensen, co-founder of Jensen and Jensen, spoke regarding content creation and social media marketing, giving me a fresh understanding of how social media can help market products. 
The talk also highlighted how different social media sites play different roles in marketing products and brands. One of Jensen’s final talks covered graphic design, presenting a new outlook on how branding can be conveyed through both colour and typography. 
Jonny Ross, from Fleek Marketing also spoke on SEO, which was seemingly more complex. Despite this, it was great to delve deeper into how keywords and hyperlinks work to optimise digital copy. 

Social Media Marketing – Jensen and Jensen 

The first of the talks which were hosted by Jensen and Jensen focused specifically on social media and the role it plays within digital marketing. Whilst speaking on the different aspects of advertising, the focus on developing effective social media strategies and alternate forms of marketing was especially interesting. 
As an intern who is new to the profession, an in-depth look at marketing and how it attracts consumers gave me an insight into the immense power of advertising. 
When highlighting the differences between influencer marketing and content marketing, their individual outcomes became evident. Influencer marketing focuses on the use of endorsements and product mentions from individuals with a vast following, while content marketing engages audiences through shared, relevant content. 
When it comes to social media marketing, it was interesting to consider the contrasting effect of posts versus stories, especially in relation to Instagram. Whilst posts remain timeless and are great for presenting your personal brand, stories are ideal for gaining reach and creating a more ‘in the moment’ brand presentation. 
Whilst pointing out the positive effects that social media marketing can create for a brand, Jensen and Jensen also highlighted the mistakes that companies often make when using social media. 
One mistake that businesses frequently make is focusing too much on the numbers, especially likes. Engagement is arguably the most important metric when tracking social media success, which is something we pay close attention to at Artus. 
It is also common for companies to lose consistency when uploading content. Users expect to see posts from your business regularly, especially if your aim is to educate your audience. 
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Insights into Graphic Design 

Branding through graphics is also a concept which is relatively new to me and the ‘Graphic Design Tips and Tricks’ talk allowed me to recognise its importance. 
When looking at a brand, you should be able to describe what they do and their ethos in a brief number of words. In turn, their graphics should emulate their brand voice, uncovering key messages about their organisation. 
One of the key takeaways from this talk was that brand design should be cohesive across all forms of social media. Colour and typography can also contribute towards a brand’s identity, which is particularly imperative on social media. 
When considering the imagery being used, especially if it is stock imagery, it is important to ensure that the images are dissimilar to what other brands are using. The talk proving that unique imagery makes branding more original, whilst also optimising your SEO. 

Optimisation of Content for Google and SEO 

One of the final talks I attended during the day was on SEO and content for Google, which is one of the subjects I am least familiar with. 
There are many different types of web traffic, ranging from organic to paid. The different ways in which people reach the site is often determined by the ways the company amplify their online presence - which is often a reflection of their demographic. 
There are different ways of optimising SEO, with the creation of fantastic content being the best option. However, whilst crafting great content is a good start, there are many additional features to be considered if you want to reach your target audience. These include accessible content, unique, relevant pages and good PR. 
Keywords are also important when optimising SEO, with the more of the keywords, the more optimised content. Not only should there be specific keywords within the copy, but also words which are in related sub-categories, which helps the content to rank higher on Google. 

Taking Social Media Marketing and SEO Into the Future 

With the Content Marketing Summit being one of my first experiences of networking, I was given the opportunity to gain invaluable advice going forward in my digital marketing career. 
The opportunity to listen to industry experts speak about digital marketing strategies is something that I will be able to take with me throughout my journey in the industry. The tips and tricks which the speakers brought to light are things that I will be able to implement into my own way of working, helping me to grow and develop during my time as an intern. 
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