With the countdown to Christmas firmly underway, it’s time to take advantage of the increase in online traffic and make your social media marketing a little bit more magical. Whether you’re basing your strategy on previous successful posts, tips you’ve learned during the year, or new ideas you’d like to try, choosing a couple of main aims will help you to stay focused and obtain valuable results. 
Having plans in place that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited (known as SMART goals) can be a great way of ensuring your festive social media posts have a purpose. From representing your brand to engaging with your followers, here are some ideas to try this season. 

Choose Your Social Channels 

Just because you have several social media profiles doesn’t mean you have to use them all. If you’ve been running them for a while, check your analytics to see which posts fared best in previous years, then use a similar method. Also consider where your target audience is likely to be most active and if there are any additional features that could be useful, such as Instagram’s shopping tools
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Keep Your Content Consistent 

Lots of ideas for text, images, videos and engagement strategies? That’s great! But remember your audience are looking for a brand they can trust, so throwing out different messages can alienate existing and potential customers. Know what you want to say and focus on clarity and consistency – using a template can be helpful for this, as well as providing a structure for future posts in 2023. 

Update Your Information 

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At this time of year, most businesses make some amendments to their usual routines, whether it’s closing for Christmas, adjusting postage times and prices, or updating stock and services. As well as making changes to your website, don’t forget to include them on your social media profiles too. For anything important, it can be beneficial to put a few repeat posts out to keep customers informed. 

Make the Most of Your Community 

One of the many wonderful things about Christmas is that it brings people together, which can be hugely valuable to marketing strategies at this time of the year. Finding and sharing posts from your existing customers can be a great way of saying thank you and engaging with other site users. User-generated content (UGC) that makes the most of trending hashtags, links to your website, photos of your products or services in action, or online reviews can all be fantastic sources for social sharing. 

Know When You Need Support 

Overseeing an entire social media campaign over Christmas can be a challenge for any business, but especially SMEs and professionals who will be working overtime as it is. Calling on the knowledge and expertise of a specialist digital copywriting agency can be a great way to ease the burden and provide optimal results. Get in touch with us at Artus Digital Marketing to find out how we can help. 
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