By Eve McFarlane Salvo, Visual Communications Student on Work Experience 
Having just started my final year of university, the daunting realisation that I need to begin considering life outside of education had begun to set in. With so many questions surrounding what I should do, where and how, I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to carry out a week of work experience at Artus Digital. 
It was such a rewarding time that gave me some incredible insight into what really goes into being a copywriter… 


Each day presents new exciting writing opportunities. Not having the knowledge of which brief will next land on your desk, means that you must be ready to tackle any challenge that might come your way. From writing an article about the best local Christmas activities, to moments later producing a blog about how to manage waste.  
The variety is bound to keep you on your toes as well as to ensure that every working day is just as exciting. 

Communication Skills 

After having had the chance to listen to calls with clients and the pleasure of even meeting some, it is clear how great the value of communication is in this industry. 
This not only applies to written communication, but verbal as well. Speaking with clients to understand their needs and goals is crucial before beginning the copywriting process. It is by using the information learnt through these conversations, that it possible to create effective copy that will have the greatest benefits. 


With there always being lots to do, it is guaranteed that there will never be a dull moment in the office. Naturally some briefs will be less time consuming than others, which can be very dependent on your prior knowledge surrounding the subject of the copy. Making sure to schedule your day so that you can fit in all the necessary tasks is important to avoid stress – a common cause of the deadly writer’s block! 


Another main ingredient needed by copywriters is creativity. A great way to produce original and thought-provoking copy is to think outside of the box and sprinkle some of your imagination into the mix! This being said, it is also important to have the self-control when necessary to use the appropriate tone of voice for each individual piece. 

Final Thought... 

I am so appreciative to have been given this work experience which has taught me so much about not only what it takes to be a copywriter, but also about the industry as a whole. The friendly faces at Artus Digital were so helpful and encouraging. They have made the thought of facing the big wide world one to no longer dread, but instead one to look forward to! 
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