Whether you are a multimillion-pound global franchise or a sole trader starting from scratch, the online world really is your oyster – but only if you maintain your presence. Keeping your social media activity consistent, relevant and timely should be a central part of building your brand for the long-term. Without it, you risk falling behind competitors and becoming invisible to your target market. 

Why Use Social Media Regularly? 

No digital marketing plan is complete without a social media strategy that not only attracts your audience but engages them in ongoing conversation. Social media helps you to get to know the wants and needs of your customers – the more you engage, the more you can find out about them. 
During the pandemic, the strongest brands were those who stayed connected with their audience on a regular basis, even if they were closed. Companies with well-maintained social media accounts were also able to use their platforms for research and create new and improved audience profiles. 
Consistent use of social media also encourages loyal and consistent custom. Seeing fun, insightful and useful posts on a frequent basis makes brands more memorable and relevant, helping you to be ‘the first choice, the first thought, or the first preference’ when it comes to your product or service

How Can I Keep it Consistent? 

Like most things worth doing, social media takes time and effort to get right – but it will be well worth the investment when it comes to attracting your audience, sustaining their commerce, and outdoing your competitors. And there are plenty of methods for outsourcing support, too. 
Free online automation tools can help you maintain a consistent schedule, track and respond to engagements, and produce useful analytics. Posting ‘little and often’ is generally considered best practice, though it can vary across platforms, time periods and customer types. Play around with your posts in terms of timing, content and platforms to see what works for your audience. 
Maintaining your channels should also be a question of customer service. When typing a comment or direct message (DM) can be done within a few minutes, it makes sense that customers see social media as a route to quick answers from companies, so make sure you respond to them promptly. 

Which Platforms Should I Use? 

While platform popularity does fluctuate, it’s worth focusing on the main four – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The latter saw a surge in usage during lockdown and can help you stay ahead of competitors, connect with likeminded companies, and keep track of industry trends. 
As well as managing your accounts, you also need to consider your content. Bland, predictable and out of date messages will be quickly overlooked and could even damage your brand. Use unique stories, promote your values and Unique Selling Points, and share material across all your channels. 
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