At first glance it seems clear how much there is to gain from social media use, so why are businesses having to seriously consider if this is a route they want to go down? 
Over recent years social media has almost become synonymous with poor mental health and addiction. It is understandable that someone may have concerns about engaging with this world, whether that’s as a business or as an individual. 

Social Media and Mental Health 

Research surrounding the effects of social media and mental health has offered mixed results, but with many finding direct links between the two. 
A study from Amedie that social media can cause users to foster a false sense of online connections that can lead to emotional and psychological problems in the future. 
There are findings however suggesting that the concerns around social media may be misplaced. The reason why we aren't seeing more decisive research may be due to the fact that social media is a relatively new technology, and we are only now just starting to see some long term effects of its use. 
If a user is aware of these potential issues and takes measures to avoid them, social media can be used as an incredible force for good. 

Social Media During Lockdown 

Due to the current state of the world with a number of national lockdowns, social media has shown to be invaluable in its ability to keep people connected. As people began seeking out social media as a way to communicate, it’s no surprise that social media use in the UK is at an all-time high. 
With adults spending an average of 4 hours a day online, social media has quickly become a channel that businesses need to embrace in order to engage with their customers. 

Social Media as a Force for Good 

Approaching social media as an aspect of your marketing strategy in a positive and responsible way can reap many benefits. It can help your business to present itself in a more personable and approachable way to potential customers. 
A major benefit is that you are also able to receive instant feedback on ideas, products, and services. Previously, this would potentially have been a timely and costly endeavour, when using more traditional methods. 


Social media channels will only work for you if you take the time to really engage with them, and utilise their many features. Take part in discussions relating to your field, share content from others, and provide value in your posts. Producing content that isn't particularly salesy or always directly about your own brand is a great way to give a more human feel to your business. 
Doing these things will help to build trust with your brand name and boost your presence in the growing digital world. 
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