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Every company knows that blogs are big business, but many are still missing out on valuable engagement with their target audience. The digital educational platform Impact + has discovered that 69% of businesses have improved their lead generation through blogging – and so could you. 
The key to success is to engage and educate your audience. In a world of almost unlimited online resources, consumers are looking for relevant businesses offering industry know-how for free. Using your blog to showcase your knowledge through high-quality content will attract their attention. 
Including search engine optimisation in your copy is crucial, but keywords can do much more than boost your rankings. Google values content that demonstrates EAT – expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Used consistently in your copy, they’ll help to develop your business credibility, too. 

How Can Blogs Improve Business Credibility? 

Approach your blog as an online Q&A – what do your customers want to know and how can you respond? Supporting your target audience with problem-solving and insider knowledge shows your business to be reliable, helpful, and honest, which in turn builds trust. 
Customers want to know the people behind the brand and are easily put off by direct selling and subject-specific language. Your tone needs to be friendly but professional, while the content should relate to your unique story, brand identity, and company values. 
Both long and short form content can be used depending on the topic and your readers, but only advertise directly in every fourth or fifth post. Most of your content should focus on informing consumers about your industry – the more current and topical the subject, the better. 
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How Can I Write Educational Blogs? 

While the thought of ‘educational content’ might sound intimidating, the point is to use what you already know. Concentrate on what your business does well and what it can offer against other competitors, then use this to select topics and direct your key message in your content. 
Vary how you translate your knowledge into practical solutions for your target audience. Perhaps you could create a ‘top tips’ list, give a tutorial, showcase product details, or share recent developments within your sector. A bit of research will go a long way to finding great ideas. 

Why is Building Trust Important? 

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As financial uncertainty, oversaturated markets, and cybersecurity risks continue post-pandemic, businesses need to earn the trust of their target audience. When customers feel comfortable with a brand, they’re more likely to recommend it to others as well as making a purchase. The journey from discovery to sale is often an emotional one, so positive and proactive content is important, too. 
Products and services related to highly emotional areas such as births, deaths, marriages, illnesses, money, and careers need to be sensitively handled. Show your customers you understand their perspective and can support them with specific, up-to-date, and accessible online content. 
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