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Marmion Recruitment Blog Writing | LinkedIn Growth 

One of the joys of blog writing is the ability to educate, engage and boost credibility on a client’s site. Our team of copywriters work alongside the fantastic team at Marmion to craft and maintain their company blog, designed to inform and attract their target audience. 
Marmion specialise in personal ethical recruitment experiences, investing time and resources into understanding the needs of both the employer and the candidate. In collaboration with Marmion, we’ve mastered their content strategy, consistently producing two blogs per month with defined goals and expertly imagined topics. 
As we continue to produce carefully researched, engaging content for their website, we’re also actively boosting organic traffic across their site. Having retained a long-term relationship with the team at Marmion, we’re proud to be associated with their incredible services. 

Andway Healthcare Social Media | Blog Writing | Email Marketing | LinkedIn Growth 

When it comes to social media marketing, every business is different. That’s why with Andway Healthcare, we took the time to get to know their business inside out, reflecting our knowledge in the copy we write and the graphics we design. 
Andway Healthcare provide an extensive range of healthcare supplies for care homes across the UK. With a core philosophy of total customer care, they were looking to extend their reach through various social media platforms to increase visibility and relevance. 
We gathered key information about Andway’s customers and target audience to target and engage them with a consistent brand voice. Now with a thoughtfully assembled content calendar, we have developed a social media strategy that educates, informs, entertains and inspires. With a strong understanding of Andway's core values, Artus now manage their company blog and email marketing strategies. 

JAM Estate Planning Services Website Copy | Social Media | LinkedIn Growth 

We’re experts in creating effective website copy, choosing the right words to develop a clear narrative and maintaining core messaging pillars. With JAM, our wordsmiths delved into their core values, sustainable promise and service offering, all before making a start on crafting the copy. 
Combining smart technology with dedicated customer service, JAM provide the most efficient way to preserve your assets with online will writing. For generations, will writing has been a tedious, expensive process that often involves seeing a solicitor – which is why almost two thirds (65%) of Brits don’t have a will. 
With a clear target audience and a mission to ease the will writing process, our experts articulated JAM’s core messaging across their website copy and accompanying social media platforms – whilst boosting their LinkedIn growth with clever digital marketing and impactful strategy. 

Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter | Social Media | LinkedIn Growth 

The team at Artus are thrilled to work alongside the Harrogate District Chamber, extending our capabilities to promote and support fantastic local businesses. As Public Relations Officer for the Harrogate Chamber, Zach engages with the district community, sharing compelling business stories and local government policies across their monthly newsletter and social media marketing. 
From advertising upcoming events to celebrating the onboarding of new members, Artus’ management of the Chamber’s social media is one that provides knowledge, assistance and networking opportunities to Harrogate’s company directors. Whether you’re an SME, microbusiness or start-up, engagement and membership with the Chamber can create significant results for your business. 

Heal Social Media 

With everything from medical treatments and beauty therapies to a stylish new coffee bar and gift shop, our social media managers have built a valued partnership with Heal, capturing the essence of their business through engaging posts. 
With a mission to make business a force for good, Heal currently stock a range of gifts and products including beauty treatments, scented candles and hand-crafted ceramics, with each and every product specially selected, ethically conscious and sustainably made. 
As a result, it’s the job of our wordsmiths to articulate Heal’s ethical and sustainable values, crafting a strong digital presence that successfully reflects their values. 

Quickline Storage Blog Writing 

Quality blogs help you to educate, engage and build trust and credibility with your customers, all while boosting organic traffic to your website. Through specialist research and skilful expertise, our dedicated team have helped Quickline master their content strategy, generating regular blogs for their company website. 
Our team worked alongside Quickline to define their goals, brainstorming potential topic ideas and targeted keywords before delving into the writing process. As specialists in warehouse storage, Quickline are striving to help their target audience improve warehouse efficiency with a determination for their blogs to achieve just that. 

Workplace Exposure Blog Writing 

Through following SEO best practices, you can ensure your website copy and blog content generates strong search exposure and brings qualified visitors. With high quality, unique content, our wordsmiths craft interesting and original blogs for independent occupational hygiene and health and safety consultants, Workplace Exposure – driving the consistency of their online presence. 
Based in Harrogate with a growing number of reginal consultants, Workplace Exposure provide monitoring and advice to clients throughout the UK. With the passion, knowledge and experience to help and support businesses nationally, the client recognised how important it is to showcase their expertise through a company blog on their website. 
Our experts write consistent, quality blogs for Workplace Exposure, helping them to educate, engage and build trust and credibility with their target audience – all while boosting organic traffic to their website. 

Positive Plus One Social Media 

It has never been more important for businesses to stay relevant by showing up on the right platforms, with the right content, at the right time. With a vast audience spanning from the UK to America, Positive Plus One needed content that was punchy, entertaining and reflective of their core values. 
Positive Plus One is a social app for the global HIV community, providing them with a safe, secure environment for support, friendship and connection. Our social media marketers were passionate to capture their powerful messaging regarding HIV awareness alongside the playful nuances of a dating environment. 

Studio One Website Copy | Blog Writing 

Our expert wordsmiths thrived in the writing process for Studio One, familiarising themselves with the company, their services and values before crafting their website copy. 
Since 2002, Studio One have been creating effective design through four specialist areas: Brand, Design, Digital and Signage. At Artus, our job was to convey the essence of Studio One with skilful expertise, keeping in mind the client’s vision for their site. 
With a professional pair of eyes, Studio One relaunched their website with ease knowing their copy had been constructed to the highest standard. 

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