Communication in the written form is evolving at the speed of light and looks set to change the world. 
Tech giants are applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the software products they are developing for communicating which creates a significant shortcut when it comes to the writing process. 

Range of Functions 

Such software performs a range of functions; it produces answers in long-form to questions, composes lyrics, writes speeches and essays, and of course, provides information on demand. 
Right now, one piece of software goes a step further and creates content from a simple text prompt that the writer then edits. Bloggers, copywriters and letter writers are surely all set to benefit. 
And then there’s the much-advertised software that, among other editorial services, offers suggestions to alter the tone of emails through sentence structure and vocabulary to make it better fit the writer’s intentions. 

See the Benefits 

It is easy to see the benefits. It saves time; less time spent on the research, less time spent on drafting copy therefore content is produced more quickly - which should please the client. 
And then there’s the overall ease of use and presentation, so it is the requested information that appears on screen rather than a list of links that require further investigation. 

Beware the Dangers 

But before we all get excited about the universal future of this software-generated form of written communication, there are some dangerous dark holes that can swallow up the positives. 
These significant matters all orbit around the copywriter’s central role and the questions a professional and experienced wordsmith would ask themselves. 
Is the information accurate? Or is it disinformation? Or offensive even? 
We could go on. Is the content open to accusations of plagiarism? Is the structure and content of the blog appropriate? Is it really what I want to say? Put simply, does it read well? 
And finally, there’s the economics of all this. AI software is free to use but when will that end as the developers decide it is now time to monetise their assets. 

Up to Speed 

Here at Artus, we follow all events in the evolution of communications with great interest - after all, it is what we do. And we can already see that there is a fine balance to be had. 
We don’t hanker after the old days of typewriters and carbon paper for copies but the last thing we would want as professional writers is for our clients to lose out on our writing and editorial skills. 

Skills and Experience 

The benefits of coming to us for content are huge. We don’t rely on a piece of software that, in fact, may be encouraging people to think they can write their own content that they feel is good enough. 
Using our own skills and experience with words, we create the content our clients want. Content that has a logical structure, a message, the relevant information, and that reads well and is grammatically correct. 
Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that AI and all the software that is heading our way won’t be of some help. 
But this is all about human-to-human communication and, at Artus, we are minded to think that that is the way it should stay. 
If you want to benefit from our experience, then just get in touch and we can talk. 
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