The commercial landscape continues to be incredibly challenging. Businesses are jumping through all manner of hoops to adhere to the ever-changing guidelines - from the introduction of new health and safety procedures to wholescale closures and re-openings. 
But digital marketing can’t take the backseat on this logistical rollercoaster. Digital channels are among the few avenues you have to stay connected with your audience during lockdown. So, while you may think you have more pressing priorities right now, it could prove costly to let your online marketing activity slip below the radar. 

Adapt and Overcome 

The ability to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the increasingly digital world has already seen many small businesses beat the pandemic odds. When money is tight, digital marketing offers a cost-efficient way to promote products and services and to communicate with customers. 

Maintain Visibility 

Whether or not your business is currently in operation, continue to remain visible, showcasing the character and identity of your brand in everything you do. Quality digital marketing serves brands well at the best of times and right now, it’s the most targeted way to get in front of your customers and increase trust and credibility for the future. 
Use social media to engage and interact with followers and spend the extra time you have on your hands reviewing analytics and evaluating marketing performance. 

Offer Reassurance 

Communicate what’s going on in your world – from your available services, deliveries and returns policies, or how your business is helping in response to the pandemic. Your customers want to know. We would advise dedicating a page of your website or a blog post as a knowledge hub for your customers. This should be something that is easy for visitors to locate and that you can direct people to via a link when people have questions. 
Opt for copy that is both calm and reassuring. Try not to reflect the drama of the moment in your writing; the last thing you want is to make a potential customer feel nervous or unsettled. Establish a sense of normality and stability in the tone of your copy. 


Search engines are an equally important part of your customer’s journey. Google has recently released new features and recommendations to help businesses keep customers informed during this period. In order to utilise SEO and the new features to your advantage, it is worth updating your title tags and meta descriptions to reflect changes in your business’ operations. 

Deliver Creativity 

Businesses are using their digital channels to entertain as well as inform audiences. Nike, for example, have developed an app that helps people continue with their fitness and wellness journey while staying inside. The app provides users with expert home workouts and nutritional advice, with links to relevant products. 
How about a competition for your followers? Or “Get to know the team” posts? Think creatively about what you can do to keep your audience engaged and add value to their experience with your brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Keeping your digital presence both active and memorable during this time will strengthen the foundations of your communication strategy, allowing you to stay connected to your customers and to refine your approach as things progress towards a more familiar ‘normal’. 
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