By Abbie Nolan, English and Creative Writing Student on Work Experience 
As the week draws to a close, so does my copywriting work experience with Artus. I have never known a week in January to go so quick. 
Though I have only been with Artus for a mere week, the skills I have developed will no doubt stay with me throughout my career. I would like to say a huge thank you to Zach Greaves and Olivia Morley for this fantastic opportunity and for being so brilliant to work with. They really do make Artus stand out! 

What Did I Get Up To? 

During my time at Artus, I was given some very different briefs, the likes of which I have never experienced before. I was required to research and write pieces for various clients that Artus handle. This allowed me to put the skills I have developed through my degree to use whilst teaching me how to adapt to various types of work. I was also given some editing work, which I have learnt that I love to do! 
Overall, I spent the week familiarising myself with the style and processes of copywriting. 
I was given a lot of freedom and trust to work things out for myself and to really get stuck in with the work. Regular check-ins and the unwavering support from Zach and Olivia helped me to feel confident with the work I was producing. This was the ideal situation for me to see what I could actually do in the ‘real world'. 

Moving Forward 

This experience has given me a solid direction to focus on when I finish my degree in May. I love the entire process of copywriting, from receiving a brief and researching a topic I had never encountered before, to writing content for individual clients. Each client brought with them a new challenge for me, and I really think I thrived when my curiosity, creativity and, most of all, my love of writing was put to use! 
Another wonderful thing I learnt from my time at Artus is the fact that, despite my initial nerves, I can do it. Even though I have been writing for years through my degree and for myself, the idea of writing ‘professionally’ was always very intimidating, and I know that I’m not alone in this feeling. After this experience, I am much more confident in myself and my skillset. The fantastic people that I worked with through the week definitely helped with that. 
Thank you to everyone at Artus who made my experience so much fun! I am very much looking forward to the future. 
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