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Take a moment to think about your favourite brand. What is it that makes their products or services so popular? Maybe it’s their background and story, or their position and values? Perhaps their social media posts are fun and original, or their latest campaign stood out from the crowd? 
Whatever the reason, the source of success for most of the biggest brands in the world today is a consistent marketing strategy. The only reason customers come to know, trust, and purchase from one business over another is the use of regular and reliable repetition across every channel
Of course, building this kind of brand loyalty and reputation can take time and effort, but the connection it creates with customers can be invaluable. Whether you’re a sole trader, an SME, or already a global brand, here’s how to achieve consistent marketing and boost your business. 

What Does Consistent Marketing Look Like? 

Every business knows that having a website, blog, and social media presence are all crucial to successful brand marketing. However, what many companies still fail to recognise is just how discerning online users are these days, and how easy it is to be ignored. 
Simply scroll through any social media stream and you’ll find endless content, but how many posts are seen, read, or engaged with? Digital marketing is all about conversion rates, so if you aren’t hitting the average 2-5%, a lack of consistency could be to blame. 
So what does effective consistent marketing look like?  
Firstly, the same brand image and message should be projected across every marketing outlet, traditional and digital.  
Secondly, that content needs to be consistent in both quality and quantity.  
And thirdly, your posts and publications should follow a schedule.  
Simple enough in theory, but easy to forget in practice. 
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The Benefits of Consistent Marketing 

For some added incentive, let’s consider what’s to gain from consistent marketing. Every company is looking to improve the customer experience, so what better way to demonstrate your knowledge, commitment, and credibility than by highlighting your products, story, and values in the same way? 
In the digital age, website and social media pages are the new shopfronts. Imagine visiting your favourite café and seeing it has a new name, a different menu, or higher prices – how would you feel? Similar inconsistencies are just as damaging to customer relationships online as they would be in person. 
As well as keeping your customers happy, consistent content is preferred by search engines, too. Blogging is a great way to boost your SEO as you can use a bank of relevant keywords to create regular posts that meet Google’s EAT credentials. 

How to Create Consistent Online Content 

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Now let’s have another look at the identifiers of effective consistent content to see how they can be best implemented, starting with how to apply the same brand identity across every outlet. 
Many businesses will see digital marketing as a team effort, but sporadic posts and discrepancies in voice and content can confuse customers. A better approach is to produce your own brand style guidelines that everyone in the team can follow for consistency. Planning and scheduling tools can also be useful, not only for collaboration but to provide valuable analytical insights into what works and what doesn’t. 
When it comes to quality and quantity, particularly with blogs and social media posts, don’t be shy to repurpose previous successful copy and to use it as a template for future content. You can also employ professional copywriters to ensure consistency. 
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