For most businesses, change is a natural part of progression and growth. So when it comes to your website, why stick to using the same copy? If you want to maximise your marketing potential, build your brand and generate more leads, updating your website really is time and money well spent. 
Even if your website is in its infancy, chances are it could still benefit from some crucial revisions. Just think of it as your virtual shopfront – the more effort you put into your presentation, customer communication and providing solutions, the higher the probability of attracting your main audience. 
As copywriting experts, our team at Artus know first-hand the benefits of efficient copy to a growing business. Here are three key reasons why it’s an investment worth making sooner rather than later. 

1. Maintain Your Visibility 

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean your audience – or anyone, for that matter – is visiting it, reading the content or making a purchase. When customers have almost unlimited options at their fingertips, they’ll be looking for the best solution to their problem. You need to make sure your website offers what they need ahead of your competitors, so spend time researching what’s already out there and evaluate whether your website is still doing its job. 
Search engine optimisation also ensures your website remains valid, especially with the importance of maintaining Google’s E-A-T credentials – expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Blogging is an effective way to refresh your website with new content, but it’s also worth revising your pages to keep up with those ever-changing keyword trends. You can find more SEO top tips on our blog

2. Update Your Audience Profile 

Your products and services may not have changed, but your target audience could have – especially following the pandemic. Analytics can provide plenty of useful information on your website’s users and their demographics, which you can then improve accordingly by updating your web copy. Not only does your website benefit but the data can also help to inspire your wider marketing plans. 
Your location can also have an impact on your company, with an estimated 94% of shoppers using websites to find offline retailers and service providers. Re-read through your existing web copy to see whether there’s enough geographical information to help local customers to find your business. 

3. Improve Your Credibility 

Another central consideration when it comes to your website is whether it’s helping or hindering your reputation. Creating a brand that is seen as trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable is vital to attracting and retaining customers, so make sure your website clearly communicates your worth
At Artus Digital Marketing, we’re experts in supporting businesses with everything from web copy to reputation management. If you’re thinking of updating your site, get in touch with our team to find out how we can increase your visibility, attract your target audience and boost your brand profile. 
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