Statistics show that blogging is great for business, and with 77% of internet users regularly reading them, it’s an opportunity your company can’t afford to miss. Just treat your blog as an online sales assistant, providing the information, communication, and co-operation your customers require. 
Your blog posts should address your audience’s needs and offer them solutions, just as any good customer service system would. But how can you make sure your content is worth reading and actually translates into sales? By choosing the right subjects – here’s how. 

Blog Topics for Businesses 

One of the best blogging tips is to tell, don’t sell. Readers want more than a sales pitch – they want stories, so try to find unique or unusual angles behind your business to blog about. It’ll help mark you out from competitors and offer your audience something original. 
Finding a niche subject area will also help you to establish an authoritative tone of voice, build trust, and strengthen your brand. Consider what your business does best and match your topics with an appropriate audience – don’t forget, this can be B2B as well as B2C. 
Another fundamental part of successful blogging is to use up-to-date Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). There are plenty of nifty websites you can use to find the most popular keyword searches, then simply include these in your text in a natural way, avoiding ‘stuffing’. 
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Understanding Your Target Audience 

Many businesses make the mistake of blogging about themselves and their own interests. This is understandable but not very useful when your main aim is to attract readers. Just as with any form of marketing, it’s crucial to know your audience and maximise your customer engagement
Spend some time researching your site visitors (online analytics tools are invaluable for this), then come up with a range of topics that will appeal to them, particularly ones that are already popular online. Search around for top trends and join existing conversations to increase your readership. 
Most visitors will come to your site via a search engine, so it’s important to strengthen your rating. Google promotes websites that demonstrate ‘EAT’ – expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Keep this in mind every time you create a new blog post and do some SEO keyword research beforehand. 

Adding Extra Value to Your Blog 

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If you’re still lacking inspiration, here are three quick blogging wins to try: 
Customer Comments – It’s always nice to receive a positive review, so why not share it on your blog? It’s a great way to demonstrate your values and encourage further feedback. 
Industry Response – Whenever there’s a hot topic of debate in your sector, share your own perspective in a blog post. Remember to maximise your SEO and include external links. 
Longer-Form Content – Research shows that online readers prefer blogs over 3,000 words long. Choose a suitable topic then explore it in depth to showcase your knowledge. 
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